Work with me;

My promise to you is to empower and challenge you to recognise and deal with the issues which are negatively impacting your daily life.

To create the mindset and habits you need to achieve your goals, reach your full potential, change your life.

The first stage of the coaching process is your commitment to change.

To promise to fully engage in the coaching process, to be open and honest and to fully integrate the guidance, tools and techniques into your daily life.

This is important ….because if you do not take action it will stay the same. ..If nothing changes, nothing changes and you will continue with the same cycle that is causing this problem.

Working together we will;

Clarify the change you want in your life and what you want to achieve.

Clear the fears, limiting beliefs and negative thinking that are holding you back .

Create the mindset and habits for your success and your happier, healthier, more fulfilled life

There are 2 coaching options available;

The D.I.V.E. Strategy Session;

60 minute power coaching session

via Skype £100.00

This approach is for you if you are perhaps a little stuck right now and would like some guidance and structure

Or perhaps you are feeling a little stressed or overwhelmed about a situation.

It may be that you just can’t quite think straight, your confidence is low and talking things through to gain some insight and clarity would be helpful.

In this session we will;

Discuss what is troubling you at present

Identify the thoughts and patterns which may be holding you back

Visualise what the ideal outcome will look like

Establish a strategy for you to implement into your daily life to create positive change.

To talk and make sure we are a good fit to work together please contact me to book your free 20 minute consultation here.

The C’s of Change Programme;   

x3 month bespoke coaching programme in person or via Skype;  £697.00

This programme is for you if;

You are struggling with negative thought patterns or fear based thoughts which may be causing feelings of anxiety.

You are feeling the effects of stress which may be impacting your energy, your relationships or perhaps even your health. 

You are ready to identify and change patterns and habits which are no longer benefiting you.

You wish to overcome the limiting beliefs and negative thoughts which may be having a negative impact on your life

You wish to create a more positive mindset

You want to gain more confidence

You are ready gain control and positive change in your life.

Together we will;

Clarify the change you want in your life and what you want to achieve.

Clear the fear, limiting beliefs and negative thinking patterns that are holding you back.

Create the mindset and habits for your success.

Consolidate your new learning and strategy for positive change into your daily life.


x7 hours of bespoke coaching (sessions are 2 weekly)

e-mail support

personal homework tasks 


For your convenience, you can pay in full at the beginning of our coaching journey or you can pay in three easy monthly payments of £235.00

I want to be confident that we are a good fit to work together.

Contact me at the link below detailing the coaching programme you wish to discuss and I will schedule a free 20 minute consultation with you and plan our work together.

Contact me here. (click the link)

I would love for you to connect with me by leaving a comment below… or…

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