Do you ever just feel exhausted ?

After a hard day,  or sometimes for what seems like no reason ?

And do you decide you are so exhausted that you just need to lie on the sofa and order Pizza?… or do you think; what do my body and mind need for energy?

I bet its number one… and occasionally that is ok, we all need to rest and just have some down time too, but do you actually think about and plan what your body and mind need on a daily basis to give you the energy to deal with pressures and keep on the go?

This is something I have been looking at myself recently. I don’t follow a strict nutrition plan and Im not a fitness fanatic but I do practice habits which best support my focus and my energy.

Usually I take time in the morning to create my energy for the day, I make sure I eat fruit and vegetables each day and I drink between 1 and 2 litres of water. I do stretches and I walk every day.

But recently I was feeling exhausted, I had been under pressure at work, I had put on weight and not exercising a lot !  (So not surprising really that I had no energy )

If you work in a busy work environment with a lot of pressure, then looking after your body and mind is vital as stress is known to negatively impact health and deplete vitamins and minerals in the body.

So what do we need to do to make sure we have the focus, energy, mental and physical ability to meet the challenges of everyday life ?

Put simply, we need to;

1. Eat healthy food

2. Move our bodies

3. Get enough sleep

4. Create a mindset for success


  1. We all know that eating a healthy diet which includes the nutrients we need such as Protein, rainbow fruit and vegetables and fibre is good for us and that too much sugar, caffeine, salt, processed or fatty foods can have a detrimental affect on how we feel and our health.

 Creating a healthy diet will ensure we experience;

Improved mood

More energy

Clear thinking and concentration

Increase our bodies ability to fight illness and disease and prevent Brain Fog / Anxiety / Obesity / Cancers / Diabetes.


2. We all know that our body needs to move.


Exercise is a physical outlet for stress and frustration,

For releasing positive endorphins for good mental health

It provides distraction from stressors

Assists with weight loss and maintenance of healthy weight

Maintains our flexibility

Maintains and improves our muscle density

Creates oxygen in the blood which can help prevent heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure

And it can be fun!


3. Sleep is just as important to your physical and mental health as your Diet and Exercise.

It is during sleep that our body is able to repair itself physically and enabling us to deal with emotional issues.

Not getting enough sleep can increase the risk of chronic health problems,

Cause poor concentration, low mood, cause emotional problems, increase the likely hood of weight gain, negatively impacts your immune system.

We all know that when we are over tired we feel grumpy and irritated.


Taking into account the numerous benefits that a healthy diet, regular  exercise and improved sleep will bring to our life, Im sure you will agree its time to be mindful about our daily habits and we need to create a plan. (we will cover number 4; Mindset later in the Blog)

The Plan

For me this year the plan is to loose 10lbs in weight and create a healthy eating plan which will include foods to fight against cancers and heart disease and give me the energy I need throughout the day.

I plan to incorporate yoga into my morning routine for core strength and mental  focus and because my daughter insists that I need to start weight training before Im 50 or it will be too late !! (im 48) I guess I will incorporate that in a way that suits my likes and lifestyle .

I like to read in the evening so I intend to prepare for bed around 10pm and rise at 06.30am

So lets look at what you might do.

Firstly, think about what your worst habits are ;

  • Regarding your diet
  • Regarding your exercise routine (or lack of it)
  • Regarding your sleeping pattern

Im pretty sure there is at least one change in these three areas that you can make simply and easily right now !

Maybe you could cook from fresh rather than buy over salted pre prepared meals, maybe it is to cut out sugary snacks.

Perhaps you could walk for 20 minutes each day or do 20 minutes of yoga each morning – make it something that fits your daily routine and that you will enjoy.

Could you go to bed 30 minutes earlier, or read a book to help you unwind instead of watching TV or doing work from home before bed?

Whatever you decide to do, whether its on a high performance level or simply making some healthy changes to your lifestyle there are a couple of vital elements to make it real and to keep you on track;

4.Mindset for Success

Having the right mindset at the offset is paramount.

If you are telling yourself;

‘hmmm, im not very good at loosing weight’


‘I don’t really like exercise’

then you are likely sabotaging your success before you begin.

Perhaps you have created a behaviour of comfort eating – this is information for you  that you may need to find a more effective way of addressing your self love needs.

As a coach I have helped people to deal with limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns and create the strategy to achieve their goal.

I want you to decide right now that these changes are worth it for your health and wellbeing, and decide to commit 100%.

Have confidence in yourself… Be disciplined… I believe in you !

Write out your goals for Healthy Eating, Exercise and Sleep.

Write it as if you have already achieved your goal and incorporate how you feel,


‘I feel so healthy, more confident in myself and full of energy having created daily habits to support my physical and mental wellbeing.

I look refreshed.

I am a healthy 9st 10lbs.

I enjoy the healthy food I eat.

I am sleeping well and I am enjoying life to the full with more fitness and wonderful new friends at my yoga class who encourage me too.

I focus on my abilities and what I want to achieve everyday.’


Make these changes into a daily habit

Make them Non negotiable!

Focus on why you want to make these changes – what benefits will they bring to your life

Use resources available to you – they don’t have to cost money (ive created a list below of things to consider)

It takes 21 days to create a habit  and 90 days to create your lifestyle….Its time to begin 


Resource ideas;

Speak to your GP

See a Nutritionist

Make an appointment with a Kinesiologist

Look up reputable online forums

Go to the Library

Join the Gym

Sign up at the local Leisure centre

Visit your local community centre

Get a personal trainer

Join groups – walking / running / hiking

Enlist the support of Family and Friends


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