Where is the HEART in your life right now?

Have you ever wished there was a little more love and joy in the world ? A little more kindness and tolerance ?

Maybe right now you would like to feel a little more love, joy, kindness and tolerance in your own life.

But doesn’t it just seem that we are all sooo busy all of the time these days. You know when your head is full of busy thoughts.  The focus could be on work, social media, the disasters and atrocities being reported on the news, or just stuff going round in your mind! 

Perhaps you have noticed that this can cause feelings of stress and worry to ensue. Even stressing about how to ‘fit in’ time for family and friends. 

Becoming caught inside your own head may cause you to experience a build up of frustration, which can  lead to feelings of stress and anger. We can see the types of behaviours which can result from these feelings of stress and anger being projected in daily life. 

Road Rage;

Unfortunately we almost accept this as the norm… but would you shout at someone in the aisle of the supermarket while shopping for your cereal because they didnt indicate their intention to turn the corner ?

Intolerance of co-workers 

Frustration with others over even simple tasks.

Snappy with your family

Just having no patience left because you are so busy in your own mind.

When you become consumed by the busy thoughts inside your own head and all the ‘pressures’ upon you,  you may experience feelings of stress, frustration and anger.

As a result ;

you may be likely to project feelings onto others such as judgement, criticism or aggression.

you may even negatively impact your own confidence and your joy of life could be  diminished.

Often this can lead to greater problems in life. As a Coach I have worked with many individuals to help them to regain balance and control, overcoming the anxiety, lack of self worth, fears and phobias they have experienced.

You see, should you allow yourself to continue in this way, to perhaps feel frustration and anger, to judge and criticise, to feel out of control – you may be affecting those around you also.

Im sure you know how it feels to be around some-one who is feeling stressed, perhaps focusing on the problems, creating a feeling of negativity.

Perhaps you have noticed how this can negatively affect your energy.

Whether it is in a professional environment or in your personal life you can see that this person is unlikely to feel or nurture creativity, confidence, joy.

So….perhaps you will agree that we can all take responsibility for creating the heart in our own life and ensure that we exude a positive vibe to those around us so we can feel more relaxed, free, happy and re-gain joy in life ?

You can bring the Heart back into your life by committing to make just a few simple adjustments to your thinking and habits

1. Let Go

Let go of things which you cannot control. You cannot control how other people behave but you can control how you react.

Let go of habits that do not support a happy, healthy, fulfilled life.

Let go people who have a negative influence in your life or minimise your contact with them if you can.

2. Forgiveness and Acceptance

None of us are perfect. Accept individuality and Forgive imperfections in yourself and others.

3. Love

Live and act with love for yourself and others.

If you first love and respect yourself than you can love another and others can love and respect you also.

These mindset habits can enable you to react and respond in a more rational manner with respect for yourself and others and allows you to let go of anger, hate, criticism, judgement, all of which can be of detriment to your health and wellbeing.

For me this process is very cathartic and lets me feel free.

4. Focus on what matters

What is important to you in your life ? Take some time to think about this because this is your life and it should be about what you value.

Is it success in your career gained with integrity?  

Is it finding a life partner?

Is it having quality family time ?

Is it good health ?

Focus on the things that are important to you in life. Embrace them every day with focus on how to bring your best self to these areas. Create time for your interests and the things you are good at

Acknowledge your strengths and abilities .

Perhaps you love languages and you’ve been promising yourself that you will do a night class someday

or perhaps you have a hobby that you would love to teach others someday

Why not plan how you are going to do this now!

Perhaps you are known to have a kind heart

or perhaps you are a considered to be a good leader who is fair and focused.

Nurture your skills and values.


5. Do what makes your heart sing

We all have that one thing which gives us that amazing feel good feeling;

It could be listening to music – I say whack it up loud and sing at the top of your lungs

Perhaps it is walking – get out into the fresh air – lift your head and breathe.

Whatever it is make sure you do it at least once a day – it helps to get out of your own head and be more open to opportunity and experience joy.

Focusing on the things that have meaning for you and give you that feel good factor can increase your feelings of self-worth and fulfilment.

For me working in an area I am passionate about and doing it well is important to me, while having time to spend with my family and doing things I enjoy.

I love listening to music when im on my own at home so I can sing and dance around the kitchen.

I also love to walk in the country side or by the sea as it puts everything into perspective. Perspective is important

… and of course I love holidays

Being self aware and taking responsibility for including the things that have meaning for you and bring you joy will help you to prevent overwhelm and stress.

It will help prevent the  potential build up of negative feelings  and habits

and will instead enable you to bring the ‘heart’ back into your life.

Live a life of love.

Looking after each aspect of your life; Mind, Body, Heart, and Spirit, enables you to have the best experience of daily life and the strength and resilience to come through the difficulties life can bring.

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